A Favorite Picture

 Dover Holiday 1

This picture is a personal favorite.  It’s really a Christmas card scene.  In some ways it is still okay to be presenting it (and today it is either picture or nothing) as in a traditional system it is still the Christmas season and there is even a “time after Christmas.” 

The picture was initially put up larger, after which it became clear it was too big to fit in the space allotted by about an inch.  Some folks may have received that earlier no text copy instead.  The whole house is there.  The part that’s missing is some of the large tree to the right.  The equipment is so precarious at the moment that it isn’t practical to try to make it fit any other way but smaller.  It seems the “newer” equipment isn’t doing too well at the moment (or the operator is malfunctioning substantially). The weblog in the beginning was called “A House In The City,” but not that style. 

And, tomorrow there always may be nothing. 


January 2, And It’s Winter

Dover Holiday 20a  It snowed today in Covington.  It doesn’t snow much in Covington compared to areas north of Cincinnati, but it does snow sometimes and even to a noticeable extent once in a while. As the celebrated holidays are now over, it was most appropriate to look through the window and see the natural season, winter, in play. 

In the Christian world (Christmas is heavily Christian) there is yet another day to note, namely the commemoration of the three wise men or kings of the biblical story.  While that has been watered down in many areas (and moved from this date to that as seen fit by some power or the other), it’s something that needs attention.  Wisdom does not get it’s proper due anymore. There is also another holiday, a secular one, coming in a couple of weeks.  It’s good for various reasons, but it also cuts down on some people needing to contend with winter snows. 

This is the time of year when some people not only go to work in the dark but look out windows that may be around and see it is still dark an hour later.  Of course, there are also some people who end the day in the dark, and on a day like today, overcast, folks spend the day with the lights on rather ignoring the fact that “day” doesn’t seem to “be” at all as there’s only minimal daylight. Meanwhile, one by one the holiday lights go out all around leaving little to brighten (or maybe enliven) the scenery but new snow, if any happens to come along. 

“Real” winter is not everywhere. 

Happy New Year To You

Dover Holiday 27

With some roses would seem to be a nice way to start the new year.