New Year’s Eve–2011 To 2012

Another year ends, and everything is older, even things that are brand new.  One good thing about 2012 is that “twelve” is easier to say than “eleven.” Talk – at least what’s in English – is going to be easier, and that won’t happen again for seven years.  And, the complexities of saying something like “nineteen ninety-seven” fall more dimly to those who have (or have had) reason to use the words. Although yours truly spent sixty-three years in those nineteen hundred years they seem as old as the previous century now. Ten year old children have no nineteen hundred numbers.  

New Year’s Eve should be a time to make plans for New Year’s Day. The saying once learned is that whatever one does on New Year’s Day one will do throughout the year ahead.  While there obviously will be variations in that – unexpected things enter lives all of the time that change how things go, sometimes completely radically – surely the best way to start a year is to keep in mind the most important things. That’s before the likes of “New Year’s Resolutions,” which really should be small things that might turn into good habits.  Small things can be worked into someone’s previous routine. 

So, while there may be good reason to celebrate come any New Year’s Eve, there can also be much reason to go to bed and get a good night’s sleep insofar as possible to get a good start on the coming year. At least it can start out right even if a radical change does come along almost immediately. One “right start” might be to at least think of the natural world in which everything exists.  Another might be to try to smile at least once. There is bound to be something good at hand if one looks around enough.  It’s also a time to give the dog an extra petting and be sure the plants don’t need water.

In reality there is only now.   


Happy Holidays!

 Dover Holiday 2a

There’s a reason it’s not quite a Nativity scene.

There wasn’t one to present.

Northern Winter Solstice 2011–A

The day, of course, is a time in a year when the earth shifts on its axis and the daylight increases fractionally more and more each day.  At present it is happening in northern hemisphere areas. Humans and quite possibly other animals surely noticed it in very ancient times.  Humans may have started keeping track in their earliest activities. And, if aware of the importance of light in life, all the creatures were no doubt happy about it happening.  Quite properly it would be a time for celebration, a time for a festival of the light, festival for the return of the light or maybe just a festival in honor of the light. Cold may be a part of the picture, but that would be true even with no increase in light. 

There are many, many “festival of light” celebrations, some most ancient, some brand new.  The names may vary slightly.  The light or lights celebrated are different.  They’re at different times and in different places. Although it seems there’s no real connection to the Winter Solstice, possibly the Jewish “Festival of the Lights” is more scattered in different places around the globe at the right time of the year to be coincident. Maybe a Jewish high priest in the mists of time thought the time is both noteworthy in itself and a time to celebrate a purely Jewish commemoration.  And, maybe later Christian high priests did think along the same lines creating another extension of the idea. 

The Winter Solstice is the basis of much celebration all over the earth, and too often it is among people who have never been made aware of that foundation. There can’t be a discrepancy between faith and existence (reality, accurate reasoning, etc.); so, there is no reason to not incorporate that “solstice stuff” in teachings about Christmas. It’s a part of the picture.  Commentary here isn’t going to change much, but at least it’s here for whatever good it does.  Part of the earth for two weeks or so is in the beginnings of a new year by the sun, the calendar and faith. The title here carries an “A” as there is a more personal entry in …Old Peasant’s Blog (that’s “B”). 

May there be a brighter future for all. 

Christmas Picture

Dover Holiday 16c  After much klutzy messing around, there has obviously been an arrival at a little something seasonal, finally.  It’s not done well.  It’s not been done with any real understanding of what’s been done, which means it may disappear. It’s not much like what was hoped.  It can’t be duplicated in size except by an expert.  It’s the third try at a something, and it is better than the first two attempts, the second of which is presently in the Old Peasant’s Blog (and which likewise may disappear with a little odd juggling of something or the other).  Lastly, a bell with some green stuff is seasonal but not as seasonal as a snowman.  It’s better than nothing. 

There is all due respect for the winter solstice here.  It is visible and includes all that’s on earth in one way or another.  The bell speaks of Christianity, which doesn’t include all at all.  It only represents the Christian aspect of the time, Christ’s Mass and all that includes.  The bell, however, was about the easiest of the three pictures tried.  And, as only makes sense, better something than nothing. There were some other little things that might have been attempted, but they weren’t as specific as the bell or a snowman as something like “Santa” can go either way.  A few more of those may indeed be tried in the next couple of weeks. 

The point of all this explanation is that yours truly has absolutely no desire to ignore a thing in the December traditions common to most of the likely readers of these pages even if it doesn’t appear that way.  Once the explaining is out of the way somewhere, it will be back to the more normal kinds of rambling about housing (old folks’ home and other) and a few other things that might drift onto the scene in the day to day workings of what’s in this place at this time under these circumstances and/or conditions (all in case someone might find it interesting, which it might be to others sort of in the same boat).  it might even solve some problems for someone…. 

Christrmas has an effect. 

Christmas Woes

In two weeks it will be Christmas Eve.  It’s a magical time when the earth shifts to new beginnings and a humble story of wonderment creeps on the scene to give a purpose to life beyond the natural elements.  So anchored, a swirl of related and very unrelated traditions mix and mingle and cast off the start of new traditions, resurrect old ones or simply appear. .And somehow it all seems to fit together okay or at least with peaceful co-existence.  But, it’s a time of wonderment only among those who let it be a time for wonderment and mystery…. 

Sometimes the time is very sad and meager and sometimes it is overflowing with that which is positive. In either case, however, if one chooses the most fundamental ideas there is something there.  Images and more are reminders.  After nightfall yours truly looks out the apartment window to a sea of black which is the side of a very high ridge to the southwest.  Bunched together atop it, several blocks away, there’s a triangular-shaped group of tiny lights.  They’re but a couple of inches of the window area; but, in actuality it’s surely a tree that’s there that’s at least as high as a two-storey house. 

It doesn’t take much, really, to create a reminder. A few simple triangles painted green with small dots of white and the like here would do it, except the equipment is still too strange to be doing anything of the sort.  The file image of the sombrero galaxy above is inaccessible in the old equipment. There’s no known way to put it back in place if it is taken down for something seasonal. Furthermore, there’s not much else at hand to be using, either.  Here and now, Christmas isn’t particularly sad, but it is going to be a shade meager, short of a miracle (or magic). 

It’s always nice to be back in a place one likes.