Curse And Curses

What came to mind unexpectedly was curses – the real thing.  Actually there are a few different notions in the word “curse.”  What came to mind rather profoundly after a time was a smallish well built man, a total stranger, seething with something like a rage just marching up suddenly and declaring, for a completely unknown reason, a curse, as in a firm deliberate statement like, “May you burn in hell for all eternity.”  It seems like it did happen once a very long time ago and it was ignored.  If one did nothing to merit such a thing, it wouldn’t take effect as such decisions would not be made by someone who was just out of sorts or maybe met an unsolvable problem. 

It seems to have started out because of a very bad cold, so bad that the coughing and congestion and inability to breathe was bad enough to seriously consider reaching for the telephone to dial 911 for the fire department’s emergency squad.  Things didn’t go that far as the air passages did clear enough to breathe, but it did happen twice, more or less two days apart.  Now getting rid of a cold under the present circumstances can be close to impossible.  It was described to friends and others as a “common curse,” as it also is that.  In addition somehow the topic of cursing rather than using bedroom or bathroom lingo entered the picture. 

At any rate, the topic arose, seemingly amid some minor activity in that respect due to the cold, and drifted into a more serious consideration of the matter (i.e., maybe there is such a thing as curses) culminating in the vague recollection (such can be frightening) and the answer to such an incident:  if there was nothing done to merit damnation there couldn’t be any.  No need to go worrying about it.  Presumably, it all works into notions about justice, and justice does exist (somewhere – the idea is existent and trade can be equivalent).  Sadly, there are people who would take it all too seriously.  After all, there is no real knowledge of any world but the one at hand. 

Expecting a better day doesn’t bring one, but it makes the present easier. 


A House In The City

As anyone old enough can remember, shortly after the second world war there was a  huge upsurge in housing construction, in certain areas deliberately just outside of city limits.  Why and how people built suburbia is plenty of discussion for another time if not another place.  They did so, by the thousands.  And, businesses and churches both (or maybe alike) went after the people and their “unique” lifestyle.  In older times a majority of the people lived “in town.”  In some places they still do, but not so much.  Recently it be common for a community of 40,000 people to get more attention than an inner one having 200,000.  Dayton’s media was heavily into suburban living.

By the 1970’s one attitude was that there was “nothing in town” even though the place might house hundreds of thousands of people.  Meanwhile, many people in town had the idea they were sensible people, just as worthwhile as any outside of town, but in a severe state of being deliberately ignored.  A friend had a friend that decided to start a specialized newspaper with the likes of low pay writers who had paying jobs.  It was a simple suggestion it be investigated to be helpful.  The in-depth reports really wanted were things for someone else, but he was offered a friendly column about just day-to-day city living.  It was called “A House In The City” (one of several things so named).

The publication didn’t own the rights to it.  When this type of publishing became a way to go, the idea was used again, but under a new name since there was a notion to be expanding it beyond just everyday happenings.  That is where the word Diary became part, and that first attempt was discontinued  as such – split into the two maintained at present.  This little place is spin off from a newspaper column from the 1970s.  Search will probably find nothing as the paper was small, localized and specialized in a part of Dayton, Ohio.  It did exist, and somewhere someone may have a copy saved for some odd reason like his or her picture was in the paper.

Some things die hard.

Changes (DST), Decisions (Austrian Notes), Plus (Ordinary)

Well, it’s Daylight Saving Time, and the really great thing about the change-over is that at least one major media source has asked the public if anyone thought it was a good thing.  On the whole the repeated adjustment probably isn’t, but that hasn’t eliminated it from life.  Unless someone comes up with conclusive proof that it is a health hazard or an outright economic detriment, it will be around a good while longer.  If a person is old enough, it’ll last the rest of this life upsetting the rhythm of living until there’s no life left.  As usual, by the time adjustments are established it will be time to change again to the former way.  (That’s a monkey wench in the works.) 

As discussed last week, there is a need to move out of this apartment underfoot soon for a time.  This is not a matter of pack a bag and walk out the door.  Reports are they leave dust on everything, so everything has to be packed up somehow.  And, now it is feared the order to leave is going to land about a week beforehand, which won’t leave enough time for making arrangements without some help.  The weather is predicted to be better for the next two weeks, much better than what workers have had to deal with in the past.  Meanwhile an alternate place to stay – what was a fairly nice motel – was recently raided by the police drug investigators. 

A decision about another place for carrying on about ins and outs of the rather unique heritage started is a nice idea and may, indeed, get done, but not right this minute yet as the above is just the beginning of interference.  A little bit of exploring done recently (i.e., the last couple of days) has been positive.  The only thing that can be said at this time is, if anyone is following for that reason alone, well, vague plans for more exist at the moment, but those plans are highly uncertain.  A month from now things might be different.  That’s not certain, either.  What is certain is that this little space began as a spin off continuation of a thing called “House In The City “and more on that next week. 

It’s amazing what we remember when we think about it.    

Assorted Notes (Austria Series Included)

The old folks’ home underfoot is undergoing renovations.  For the place underfoot, the worst is yet to come this month – a complete disruption of life for a couple of weeks at best.  It’s necessary to physically move out of the place.  That is on top of a growing bit of concern over a medical condition.  The bottom line is, it’s not likely to be possible to carry on with anything as is normally done.  For the next several weeks commentary is likely to be late and/or abbreviated.  Even if that aspect isn’t too bad, the chances to do anything like research for a heady topic (like the “We Are Austrian.” series) simply isn’t in the picture as near as can be determined at this point. 

There is an idea in mind to create another “place” just for the heritage stuff as it’s very pertinent for Dayton, Ohio, and the aviation special interest around even though there’s a general interest aspect to the matter.  The people were located in numerous places throughout the country and some of the discussion is pertinent, maybe even useful, a little elsewhere.  That would probably take some extra hands in the works.  Those are something that would have to be found.  The topic is not dead, but The Diary’s Blog is not the best place for it as the thing was not created with that in mind.  The notion is to just copy what’s here and continue elsewhere. 

At any rate, there are unavoidable things in the works.  Meanwhile, life continues in the rest of creation and days turn into other days.  It’s March.  In less than a week time will convert to “Saving” time, and people will look to better weather and interests they want to follow.  There are many things to discuss at any time, but the best times of the year, it’s been said, are March and September.  (Theoretically, that is when nature provides the best living conditions.)  That is when the best of ideas should come easily.  It is the time when works should be the most efficient.  It is when health can be at its best, and in the spring at least hopes should be high.  …If things are normal. 

Life has a lot of curve balls.