Decisions Again

The basic fact here is, there was no expectation of being able to post anything anywhere today.  There was too much of a vital nature to command the time, hampered like just yesterday by such things as the wristwatch stopped as it’s in need of a new battery and the light bulb in the kitchen area burned out.  Headier stuff is, of course, more detailed in the Old Peasant’s Blog.  Since there was no expectation of getting to posting anything, there wasn’t much thought given to what might be a good topic.  There are always several things that might come under discussion, sort of like these: 

There’s what should be everyday living, like a visit to a museum and opinions about same (there are no visits anywhere at this time).  There are also current events and what is one “senior citizen” opinion of same (there isn’t much time to scan any news).  There is more that can be said about senior citizen old folks’ home apartment living, maybe not a whole lot in general any more, but certainly some.  There is much, much that can be said about pleasant little thoughts of what things were once upon a time (the reading audience might be surprised at how some of that relates to today’s living).  

Yeah, well, okay, one paragraph (since the name’s posted in the categories) about Erdokovesd.  Like Ozd’any, it’s a little village far away.  There should be two dots over the “o” letters for it to be the correct spelling.  Like Ozd’any, the place has a website, only unlike Ozd’any (which has another old and to an extent more pertinent name) it has lots of pictures to study, which occupied yours truly for an hour or so already.  If there’s anything like a castle there, it wasn’t found.  “Erdo” means “forest.”  The rest may mean “stone” (or, in total, forested stone area).  A meaning for Ozd’any hasn’t really been found; it may have some relationship to a fancy something. 

A little something is better than nothing. 


The Setting, Part 7

Apartment buildings, rather like houses, might be expected to be found anywhere.  In some places, however, zoning laws (zoning for single family housing) would prevent their construction.  In other places real estate more valuable for business purposes would overshadow any use for housing.  Therefore, there might be a lone apartment complex somewhere that got into the situation somehow; but, due to things such as multi-family zoning, there could easily be a couple relatively close to each other.  The “where” can make a difference in what is available for food and the like. 

To the north of the present apartment building, there is a narrow strip of land before one gets to the actual waters of the river.  Another apartment complex rests in the area, and a new something of the sort is being built farther to the east.  To the west and south, however, as well as to the area immediately east, there are houses.  In some cases there is more than one house on a lot; but, they are still houses.  Based on the style of the houses, the buildings were probably built close to a hundred years ago.  It’s residential, and the nearest real business places are about a half of a mile away. 

The current apartment complex was built to be an apartment complex, although it might easily be converted to something like a hotel or motel, particularly an extended stay one.  The old apartment building was built to be a Roman Catholic girls’ high school (complete with chapel).  That, too, was set in a residential area, but these days it’s a somewhat different residential area in that it carries a historic district designation.  The last apartment in Cincinnati, on the other hand, was in the heart of the downtown commercial district since it was originally a hotel, complete with ballroom, no parking and office buildings for neighbors. 

Some differences are substantial. 

A Few Words About The Census

It’s the start of a decade, so the government seeks to take a census.  The paper is at hand, still in the envelope, and with a May 1 date on it.  Here and there one can find, say, negative comments about it.  Given three hundred million people, it seems likely that it’s not going to be absolutely precise no matter what is on it, so the part of the babble about what’s on it seems to be rather worthless nonsense.  What might be matter for concern is things like the census worker who went off and committed suicide.  Supposedly that was a case of he didn’t like where he had to go to take the census, but he could not find any other job. 

There was only one such serious case in the news (as is known); and, while it’s certainly a matter to keep in mind, the real question might be should there be a census at all?  It’s a lot of work at government expense.  It’s not going to count all of the people anyway.  In a year the population will have shifted considerably.  It’s an added bother for everyone who does take time to fill out the forms.  There are probably some other arguments against a census and probably some more substantial arguments for one.  The latter can range from a more just representation of the people (politically speaking) to what some businesses can do with the statistics. 

A few years ago, while poking around randomly for any old family information, somehow yours truly came up with the census for (seemingly) 1920.  There had been no thought of checking anything like a census, but (as is recalled) a librarian suggested it.  What surfaced was some surprising family items, such as the fact that a great uncle apparently lived with the family.  Genealogy is a big thing with many people these days.  On a personal use basis, anyone trying to learn about family history might find valuable data, if the ancestors filled out the census to some extent.  The process has more value than current statistics. 

There’s information many  places. 

More About Grandma’s Kitchen

The evening eats rather unavoidably turned out to be a prepared thing called “Grandma’s chicken & vegetable rice bake.”  While it’s certainly not the same grandma, grandma’s kitchen rode high in the hand.  It’s not surprising the real grandma’s kitchen rides high in the mind again.  Well, grandma had a whole roomy but rather humble house with plenty to discuss.  And, a little more about the kitchen might at least give someone some ideas.  Just as a side note, near Easter yours truly mentioned a “lamb cake.”  While there was none recalled as being in grandma’s kitchen itself, some very recent random searching around ran across a reference saying such was indeed a bona fide tradition. 

As mentioned, one of the three doorways from grandma’s kitchen went to an enclosed back porch, which wasn’t recognized as a back porch until long after the fact.  There was no back porch at home, so, of course, there was no such thing in the household talk, never mind some explanation about porches.  At grandma’s one just unthinkingly went through the doorway at the back of the kitchen, took a couple of steps, and then went through another doorway to get outside.  It’s remembered as being kind of dark there (although there might have been something like a six by eight window on one side) and a bit cooler than the kitchen itself. 

One day grandma said to get some bread from the bread box on the back porch.  After some confusion, what was found beside the kitchen door was a large bread box (room for several loaves of bread) on some kind of a table or bench against the wall of the house.  Some other stuff was piled beside it.  Only then was it realized it was an enclosure and there was a bunch of unrecognized stuff scattered about it.  What also was discovered was the real purpose of a bread box – the one at home was full of tools – but what has never been figured out was why a bread box was needed at all.  Bread was safe enough just left somewhere handy.   

Learning comes in many ways. 


It’s said the Romans called it (an) Oppidum, which, as the main community or settlement in an area, might be described as perhaps as much as a county seat on a small scale.  It might also have been simply an ancient fortification of some sort.  Today it’s called a village.  Why and how it was settled in some ancient time, like with other places, has been lost in the mists of the past.  The origin of something like port cities is easily understood.  The origin of other communities, particularly ancient places, is not so easily understood.  Given the steep hill there, a defensive purpose does make sense. 

Regardless, if it’s had people more or less continually living there for a couple of thousand years (if not more), it has probably carried several names including Roman and even Celtic and more recently German and Hungarian as well as something from the language of the people.  The current name is from the current language of the people; but, strangely enough the vocal sounds (not the spelling) are rather similar to Hungarian (still used on maps and the like).  Since that’s two different language families, possibly either one or the other is simply and adoption of the former name. 

Again, regardless, it’s a little village in a little country just recently added to the maps of the world.  The roads are paved with asphalt and a highway has a bypass around it, but it’s still a village.  The people straddle different cultures and many probably know a couple of languages including English.  One often noted thing about it is that high on a hill there is what is called a castle.  And, one of yours truly’s interests in the place just may be the Church of St. Michael the Archangel, quite possibly the church standing out in pictures of the village.  (Some more of this some other time.) 

The unknown often beckons.   

Back To Which?

Well, like yesterday, yours truly is sitting on a fence about whether to talk about senior citizen retirement housing (an annual government inspection is due tomorrow) or wander about in recollections (things were so bad last night that there was more to it than just sitting by the oven) or maybe drift off into other every day living (there have been over three dozen messages posted, but nearly a fourth of them have fallen into one or the other category of that mentioned) or maybe create an editorial-like commentary about something in the current news or a column-like just start discussing something in sight (aluminum cans?). 

The night being more miserable than usual, the morning awakening came near 10:00 a.m.  Breakfast, therefore, came after 11:00 a.m. making lunch an after 2:00 p.m. affair, but the finishing coffee was not done.  That “needed” to be done before going farther here (at after 5:00 p.m. already).  It was good that it was done, as while in that relaxed state it was remembered that the daily record wasn’t updated.  For three weeks less a day that wasn’t properly done.  The first business at hand, before not only things like this but sweeping the floor for tomorrow, checking the grocery ad and more, had to be the daily record, a little thing of no more than a couple of minutes washed to the wayside by everyday events. 

Well, after the bit of record keeping, the sweeper was taken in hand not really to suit the management’s desire to make a good impression, but because the shreds of paper on the floor were becoming numerous enough to be annoying.  The vibrations of the sweeper didn’t do the hands any good, and sweeping the carpet always leads to a shred of disgust and a shade of resentment.  Twenty-five years ago the hands and feet were in such bad shape it wasn’t possible to sweep the rug (or do many other things).  Well, that wasn’t someone else’s rug that didn’t get properly done.  The one at hand is someone else’s, and it has a legal requirement for care irrespective of anyone’s physical condition. 

Some memories are sad. 

Well, Dum De Dum

The weather turned back into April-like weather, which, of course, resurrected the matter of keeping warm via the oven again.  That, of course, brought up the recollections of grandma’s kitchen again.  And, the one on Rockwood avenue soon surfaced, followed by the one on Verona road and even the one on Kammer avenue.  Meanwhile, the description of “The Setting” of this old folks’ home and others has more parts.  So, what to discuss?  They both must be dealt with later.  At least each matter is together in a category. 

But, one point of a few lines can be made about the running topic of importance (The Setting).  See, it’s like this, yours truly doesn’t live here, but only eats and sleeps here.  That’s even been put on a little sign and taped to the back of the scooter.    A place like the apartment might be considered something like an office with live in facilities (in short, a nesting place), rather like the tradesman or merchant with living space above or behind his/her business place, but less established.   

The fact is, there’s more to talk about than housing itself; that simply leads to things, for example, things are fairly bad presently on several fronts including medical matters.  It’s been three weeks less a day since the daily records (one of them medical) have been rightly kept; but, they were finally caught up this evening with no notes for two days and guesswork on two others.  There’s that much mostly unnecessary turmoil at hand, all of it a part of living.  It’s quite discussable in detail; but, it has to be another time.  This is enough commentary for a day. 

It’s good to know history.